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Apple Pencil Case Holder Skin Pocket Sleeve Cover for iPad Pro (Glow In Dark)

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Never drop or misplace your Apple pencil again!
The Minisuit Apple Pencil Skin protects your Apple Pencil while drastically improving the grip and usability of the device.
Easy installation, no fuss, no extra bulkiness.

  • The soft rubber of the MiniSuit Apple Pencil Skin hugs your Apple Pencil tightly to prevent it moving around, scuffing or scratching the surface. It keeps the lustre fresh! Glow-in-the-Dark option gives a nice tint when using device in the dark!
  • Ultra-comfortable and ergonomic. The ribbed grip of the MiniSuit Apple Pencil is perfectly balanced to promote comfort and ease of use while minimizing the strain placed on your wrist and hand.
  • No-Slip. This skin stays put! No more pencil slippage or the awkward (and expensive) dropping of your devices. The soft rubber is easy to hold and allows for more creative manipulations of the device.
  • Easy to charge: The skin can be peeled aside to allow for easy - and lightening quick- charging.
  • Always know where your Apple Pencil is: The MiniSuit Apple Pencil Skin has a loop at one end to ensure that you always know where your stylus is -- Simply clip it to your case!

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