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Minisuit Belt Loop Case for Ricoh Theta S/m15 360 Camera

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If you are looking for the best camera case that your new Ricoh Theta camera deserves, look no further and experience peace of mind of knowing your investment is well-protected with this case from Minisuit!
- Stylish, lightweight, reliable, and durable animal-friendly PU leather
- Soft microfiber interior protects lenses from minor dust and scratches
- Flap and loop closure securely holds your device inside the case
- Includes belt loop so you can easily clip your 360 camera anywhere, pants, purse, bag

Perfect for the subway, the bus, going to work, school, or the gym. Perfect for the travelbug inside you!
Be smart and keep your nifty camera where it belongs -- in your hands!

  • Compatible Model: Ricoh THETA S or m15 360 experience camera (device not included)
  • Exterior Material: Modern and luxurious premium animal-friendly faux PU leather material
  • Closure design: Keeps both lenses protected
  • Microfiber Interior: Prevents minor nicks and scratches to your new device
  • Keep your mini camera where it belongs - in your hands and off the floor!

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