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Minisuit Nano or Micro SIM Card Adapter for Universal Devices with Ejection Tool

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This adapter set for SIM cards from Minisuit does exactly what it is supposed to. Each adapter is CNC machined for precision accuracy and includes an ejection tool that is needed to pop out your sim card in most smart phones. Please Note: Any SIM card can only be converted into a larger physical size, and not a smaller size. Therefore a Micro SIM cannot be converted to a Nano SIM, and a standard SIM cannot be converted to a Micro SIM or a Nano SIM. This is not a memory card adapter, will only work with SIM cards.

  • Minisuit's SIM Card Adapter Bundle Kit converts Nano SIM --> to Micro SIM or standard SIM card, or Micro SIM --> to standard SIM card. This is fully reversible, allowing you to switch easily between different devices
  • Perfect for unlocked cell phones and service providers when you want to use an older phone on holiday or for international travel, or when your primary phone is broken
  • As with any SIM card adapter, we advise that you do not insert an empty adapter into your device, and that you only use this unique adapter to use on pre-cut manufacturer SIM cards
  • Bonus sleeve holds an ID card or credit card. Tucks perfectly into your wallet or pocketbook so you will not leave home without this must-have tool
  • So easy to use when switching from Apple iPhone to Android smart phone. Package contents: 1 Nano > Micro SIM adapter; 1 Nano > Standard SIM adapter; 1 Micro > Standard SIM adapter; 1 SIM tray ejector pin; 1 storage sleeve

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